Happy Customers

Junee Rue

We wanted to share a pic of our girl we got from you for our daughter to act as a service dog while she is in college. Junee Rue is such a special part of our family! She is our daughter’s best friend and snuggle baby!

Nila & Trigger

Just wanted to send you a little note to let you know our male tri is doing.  We picked him up on Sunday, and he really is just turning out to be the perfect puppy. Linda said she was really working with him on potting training, and he hasn’t had any accidents in the house!  We take him out every hour or so and he goes potty every time. Even when he is in his crate at night or during the day he hasn’t gone. He loves my daughter Nila. He just jumps and licks her all over. He really is just so sweet. His tail is docked a little longer than our other mini Aussie, so I love that you can see his little tail wagging. He does whine just a little bit when he doesn’t get his way, and he’s very vocal when he wants something–like food or water. He just stands in front of his bowls and barks at them. We took him to the vet and he said he’s perfectly healthy and looks good. He’s also really getting along with our other dog Sadie. They are starting to sleep and play together. Just wanted to give you a heads up. Thank you for selling him to us!


By Tammy & Randy, recent new owners:  “First of all ….Thank you!  He is the best dog ever (of course we think so) and we love him so very much.  It has only been one week but he has already brought us so much joy. He has taken well to the crate; has learned to walk on a leash and is responding to house training but this will only be as good as we are in keeping an eye on him.  He started eating right away with no problem.  We let him sleep with us the first few nights just to adjust but now he sleeps very well in his crate next to my bed.  He loves the outdoors and has learned to dig….which we need to work on.  He has met at least 75 new people….loved them all and we can’t take him anywhere without stopping because everyone wants to meet him.”

Anita & Chase

Meet Anita Northrup & her Toy Aussie,  Chase! They have registered with the Alliance of Therapy Dogs and Chase has completed the first training class with honors.


From Erin, a new owner: “I wanted to send you a quick picture and update on Pickles. She is doing great and loves our other dogs. She started going out our huge dog door within a week of joining our home. She is a great mix of play and snuggle. She is almost cat like in some ways. She lays on her back and bats at the other dogs, kids and anything she can. She is beautiful and awesome! We couldn’t be happier with our new member and we can’t thank you enough are amazing and you provided lots of love and it shows.”


Mason is the best dog ever. He is so sweet and friendly & a very good listener.  Still working on the potty training but he will get there soon I know.  When I saw him on your website he was exactly what I wanted.  I would recommend you to anyone who wants a smart, well behaved dog.  When we got him the first day he ran right to my dad, who was a little against me getting a dog in the first place, and laid at his feet.  Dad fell in love instantly.  Mason comes to work with me every day.  He will play for a while then take a nap under the table.  Most of the time customers don’t know he is here!  Thanks so much!

The Nichols

The Rowlands

The Boss


Hi, my name is Emily.  Brian & I purchased our puppy, Boss, from you last October. I wanted to share with you his professional photographs that were taken and are now being used in a variety of marketing pieces.